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Some works to familiarize you with my design sensibilities.


A few former projects intended to show off what I'm capable of technically.


A selection of projects completed during my time at Coding Bootcamp.


SocialMonkey attempts to offer a way to connect existing friends to events that are taking place within a certain area relative to their location, within a certain timeframe. Users can search for events within their area, filtered by a certain timeframe, and send notifications to other users that let them know of said events.

  • Users should be able to create new user accounts, each of which includes a user name, verification method, user location, and list of associated user accounts (friends).
  • Users must be able to automatically send invites to specific returned events to friends in the vincinity of said events (Who's Around For This?).
  • Users must be able to search for events that are located within the vincinity of selected groups of friends and then send invites to them (Here's What's Happening Around Us).


pLandLord is a leasing CRM that gives the apartment complex management the abilty to efficiently manage their tenants leases and bills, look up basic info on tenants, check unit availability and manage revenue data based on lease and bill collection.

  • Housing administrators should be able to track tenants' information, including contact info and move-in/move-out dates.
  • Admins should likewise be able to track the information of future tenant leads and compare their interests to opportunities generated by current tenants.
  • Admins should be able to continually manage tenant data through update and delete functionality.

Gamer Trivia

Gamer Trivia is a simple, timed quiz in which the player guesses the correct answers to a series of gaming-related questions. The results of their answers are tallied and presented at the end of each game.

  • The player has fifteen seconds to answer each question presented.
  • There are ten questions total, each presented randomly. The answers are randomized for each game, as well.
  • The player is presented with their total number of correct and incorrect answers at the end of the game, with an option to start over.
  • Running out of time before answering a question counts as an incorrect answer.

Code Rocks

Code Rocks is a simple, Blackjack-style game in which the player tries to match their score to a target score without going over. This is done by clicking one of four randomly displayed gems each game -- each gem type worth a different, random value -- until the target score is hit.

  • Since the same type of gem can appear more than once in each game, each gem type is worth a certain value -- not each individual gem.
  • The player is never shown the gem values.
  • A game is won when the player's score matches the target score.
  • A game is lost if the player's score goes above the target.

Liri Bot

Liri Bot is a simple CLI application that takes a series of simple commands and their respective arguments, interacts with various APIs depending on the user command, and returns information about various media sources. Liri Bot takes several commands for obtaining content from various online APIs.

  • search-concerts - This command takes an artist as an argument, and returns the details of upcoming events and their venues relevant to that artist.
  • search-songs - Search-songs takes a track title and artist as an argument, returning details about the most relevant track in the system.
  • search-movies - The last command, search-movies, takes a movie title as an argument and returns details about that movie. Since movies tend to be more distinctly titled than audio tracks, this command has the best chance of returning the sought-after work.


A self-assessment of the relative sophistication of my development skills, each expressed on a totally arbitrary scale from one to ten.

UI Design

  • 0.0

User Interface Design is the most front-facing aspect of web development, focusing on maximizing usability and the overall user experience.

Good user interface design facilitates finishing the task at hand without drawing unnecessary attention to itself. It incorporates graphic design and typography to balance functionality and visual elements for an experience that encourages the kind of user engagement you want to achieve.

  • Provides an intuitive functionality
  • Increases user engagement
  • Defines a brand's visual style

Content Management

  • 0.0

Content management means not only content creation, but also incorporating content management systems such as MODX for easy and reliable maintenance of your message.

Effective management of content incorporates skill in writing, marketing, business, and use of content management systems like MODX, Wordpress, Drupal, and many others. It can help to further democratize the day-by-day maintenance of a site by expanding it beyond personnel with technical training.

  • Communicates your message efficiently
  • Allows easy updating of information
  • Incorporates appropriate content management software


  • 0.0

The backbone of the web, HyperText Markup Language coupled with Cascading Style Sheets is code which defines your site's front-end content, from visuals to the structure.

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is as old as the web itself, and is what sets a site's content and element hierarchy. When combined with modern Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), the result grants web browsers the ability to render the full breadth of the web's visual potential.

  • Defines a site's content and structure
  • Fuses site elements with easily modified visual properties
  • Allows a site to adjust itself based on a user's browser attributes

JavaScript / jQuery

  • 0.0

Wondering how the nifty web animations seen here and elsewhere are produced? With JavaScript, a browser language that enables sites to react dynamically to user action.

JavaScript - and its more modern-day framework, jQuery - are linked with HTML and CSS code to allow sites to react to user activity on the front-end. They enable site animation and visual effects, hiding and displaying of elements, and other dynamic behavior, all without additional server requests.

  • Enables dynamic user-end interface functionality
  • Manages site behavior based on user activity and input
  • Is an essential ingredient of modern web applications


  • 0.0

Data-driven web services need not only a database to hold their information, but instructions for their servers on how to retrieve and distribute it, written in PHP.

Today's modern web applications need a way to store user information over the long-term. The MySQL databse provides just that, and is designed for integration into server-side web programming languages such as PHP, which programmatically constructs web content just before it gets sent to the user.

  • Stores user data long-term for use with software and web applications
  • Allows web servers to generate site elements based on context and saved data
  • Secures sensitive back-end site functionality from front-end view

Version Control

  • 0.0

With solid version control practices, a team of developers can work simultaneously on the same project with the ability to roll back changes and without overwriting each others' work.

Today's most popular version control systems (most notably Git) are nearly universally famous as elegant solutions for allowing teams to work together simultaneously and remotely. A developer with VCS training comes already prepared to join up with any squad you might have in play.

  • Enables development teams to work on projects consecutively and remotely
  • Lets developers track changes and roll projects back to previous versions
  • Is considered a fundamental backbone of development workflow


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