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I'm Andrew Bayles,

a Web Designer and Developer from Houston, Texas.

Like many throughout the nineties, my adolescent imagination was captivated by the range of possibilities offered up by a revolutionary idea, a confluence of technologies which - while likely to be regarded as simple (and slow) by today's standards, promised a world of unbounded knowledge and unprecedented connectivity.

Although the web remained for a significant time cast in terms of pixelated text, IV-drip bandwidth, and ear-splitting dailup tones, I'm glad I stuck around. What was once a passing novelty is now a generation's Giant Leap: A means for all of us to say anything, however we like, to whomever we want, at any time.

Web professionals build careers upon helping their clients to understand the full power of today's evolving web and how to best leverage it to their benefit. We work to maintain an ever-increasing knowledge of emerging trends and technologies in order to utilize them to their fullest potential. As a designer, my driving ambition is in conceptualizing sites which are attractive, engaging, and ultimately effective. As a developer, it's to ensure that those sites interact with their audiences quickly, consistently, and reliably - regardless of device or platform.

Having the opportunity to operate as both over the course of nearly seven years has allowed me the chance to hone those abilities.

Let me show you what I'm capable of.

My Resume

Technical Skills

From which I derive my Geek Cred.


While HTML defines and structures the web's content, it relies on CSS to govern that content's visual presentation. Their central roles in front-end web development make the ability to work reliably and confidently within their combined frameworks an absolute necessity for any web professional.

MODX, Wordpress

MODX and Wordpress are each Content Management Systems with reputations as robust platforms for controlling site content and functionality via direct web interface. Using a CMS can help speed up what might otherwise prove a more lengthy development cycle, while often enabling our clients to afterward manage their own web projects as needed.

UI Design

User Interface Design incorporates practices such as graphic design, task analysis, and information architecture, with the goal of making the user's interaction with a website as simple and efficient as possible. The hallmark of a well-designed interface is one which lets you do what you came to do easily and comfortably, while consistently communicating the client's brand and overall aesthetic.

JavaScript / jQuery

Content defined with HTML and CSS need not be considered static. Through the browser scripting power of JavaScript and the jQuery library's ability to extend and simplify the application of that power to site source code, we can produce dynamic content that changes according to users' actions in virtually any way imaginable.


PHP is a server-side programming language that acts as the backbone of what we traditionally think of as web applications. Its ability to blur the lines between websites and more traditional, locally-based software, is what originally lured me into the web development fold.

Database Design, Administration

Web applications rely on server-side databases to store users' data long-term. Using the MySQL system to design and construct the databases underlying my own web projects has taught me much of what constitutes the efficient, intuitive, and future-proof modelling of information.

Work Experience

Some former associations.

July, 2015
March, 2016

TopSpot Internet Marketing Services

Web Developer
  • Translated multiple clients' web projects from design compositions to live, fully functional sites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript over simultaneous time frames and within hourly budgets.

  • Ensured that all code conformed to established project architecture for purposes of predictable maintenance and modification by follow team members. Integrated additional code to assist with site tracking and search engine optimization.

  • Migrated completed, quality-audited web projects to company host servers and verified that all work fulfilled client expectations before taking it live.

  • Kept consistant, precise, and detailed records of time spent and tasks completed on a week-by-week basis.

May, 2014
June, 2015

Signet Interactive, LLC.

Web Developer
  • Constructed DOM hierarchies and developed CSS styling and jQuery scripts according to design specifications.

  • Built responsive and cross-browser compatible home, content, landing, and utility pages within established time constraints. Imbued sites with more complex functionality by integrating and modifying preexisting plugins and API’s, including those required for the performance of web analytics and AJAX-enabled content and user interfaces.

  • Optimized sites through managing the size and loading of external resources, and further editing existing content for tone and SEO. Migrated site source to hosts as needed and managed domain name records accordingly.

  • Identified and resolved emergent issues with existing projects, such as service interruptions, improper configurations, and encoding problems resulting from site migrations between hosts.

  • Served as acting Director of Development for a two-week period, balancing workloads from multiple projects across the company’s development team according to available manpower and allotted time. Additionally served as ambassador between production staff and the company’s client representatives.

Jun, 2007
April, 2014

Harris Machine Tools, Inc. / Vanguard Machinery International, LLC.

Web Developer / Designer
  • Produced Implemented a searchable listing of the Harris Machine Tools inventory. Later streamlined and redesigned the database archetecture before porting the site to the CodeIgniter PHP framework for added maintainability and extendibility. Migrated all content to a newly redesigned database, and later developed a custom CMS for easy content updates by company staff.

  • Designed and developed the Content Dashboard, a content management system for easy chronological syncing of company inventory records between the site database and Locator Online, a third-party, web-based inventory management system. Using the existing Locator API, built an app capable of comparing remote inventory records with associated local ones and identifying differences while allowing users to specify which differences are to be made authoritative. Users have the ability to make manual edits to all inventory content before publishing it to the website. The HMT Dashboard is protected by a user login system written in PHP and backed by MySQL.

  • Constructed, using PHP with MySQL to present Vanguard’s product catalog in a hierarchical category format. Site features include allowing visitors to search company inventory and to submit quote requests to the company's sales department. Later ported the site to the CodeIgniter framework.

Jun, 2006
May, 2007

Blue Jungle Marketing

Graphic Designer
  • Designed marketing collateral for clients using Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Produced business cards, web graphics, full-color brochures, letterheads, envelopes, banners, and large-format digital color prints.

Oct, 2009

Independent Contractor

Web Developer / Designer
  • Deployed, a serial content site providing news and content related to Gritsy, an ongoing local concert series. Assisted client in developing web marketing strategy oriented toward a known target audience. Heavily modified an existing Wordpress theme while employing an array of extensions to offer a consistent user experience supported by content hosted by Flickr and SoundCloud. Helped client to interpret Google Analytics traffic data in an effort to draw users toward key content. Has since continued to work with client to integrate a storefront for merchandise.

  • On behalf of Houston-based web firm Clearspan Media, developed a PHP script for Parker School Uniforms to extract select inventory content from the established PSU product database using such arguments as school year and grade level, organize it, then present it in accordance with PSU’s preexisting brochure design.


A look at my academic career.

June, 2006

Bachelor of Arts, Sociology

University of Houston

Additional coursework in Graphic Design, Logic.

June, 2000


William P. Clements High School

Sugar Land, Texas. Active member of the school Thespian troupe, with acting roles onstage as well as work performing set construction. Created the officer position of Webmaster, which I served as while managing the troupe's website -- among the first associated with Clements High.


A selection of past works.

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